Core Values

There is a need for trial lawyers today more than any other time. In part because fewer and fewer lawyers are ever given the opportunity to try a case to a jury.

While some say that there are too many lawsuits, we believe that in many ways there are too few. Where an individual does not feel that he or she has access to justice and can be treated fairly by the court system, that can result in taking matters into one’s own hands, often with tragic results. Our civil justice system, and the trial lawyers who protect it, are necessary to ensure that any one citizen can feel confident that, win or lose, the courts and the lawyers who preside over it, will adjudicate the claims and defenses fairly.

At Shamp Jordan Woodward, we are experienced trial lawyers, first and foremost. We are proud to be trial lawyers, and this passion translates into success.  Our success comes from our devotion to our clients, our commitment to preparation, and our willingness to try cases.

We believe there is no substitute for hard work, determination, and creativity in the courtroom. These are the qualities we bring to every case.

We also care about giving back to our community in a meaningful way. Because of this, we donate a portion of our attorney’s fees every year to non-profit organizations that have helped our clients in some way.