SSJW News: Laurie Speed will join Emory Law faculty for annual trial techniques advocacy program

Laurie Speed of Shamp Speed Jordan Woodward will join the 2016 faculty of Emory University School of Law’s Kessler-Eidson Trial Techniques Program to be held April 30 through May 6. Speed joins an elite group of more than 120 jurists, practitioners, and legal scholars from across the United States and foreign jurisdictions, including Mexico, to teach in the prominent program which, over the course of three decades, has launched some of the nation’s leading trial lawyers and judges.

SSJW NEWS:  SSJW Files Class Action Against Secretary of State for Data Breach Involving Social Security Numbers, Dates of Birth, and Drivers’ License Numbers of Over 6 Million Georgia Voters

Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 2.56.24 PMSee Kemp Data Breach Class Complaint.

SSJW NEWS:  $11 Million Dollar Jury Verdict For Shamp and Speed


On August 3, 2015, Laura Shamp and Laurie Speed obtained a total jury verdict against Philip Morris of $11 million. This amount included a $7.8 million compensatory award with an additional $3.2 million in punitive damages. SSJW’s client
started smoking at age 14 at a carnival because “she thought it looked cool,” Shamp had explained to jurors. By the time she was 16, in 1965, the plaintiff was a regular smoker. All of her attempts to quit smoking were unsuccessful over the next four decades. She finally quit while she was hospitalized in 2002. That same year, she had her first lung transplant. She had a second lung transplant and a kidney transplant in 2012. After finding that Philip Morris had intentionally misrepresented the dangers of smoking to consumers, like the plaintiff, the jury was allowed to consider whether to punish the tobacco company. Shamp told the jury in closing argument: “In order for Philip Morris to actually hear you, we have to have actions,” she said. “Actions speak louder than words. And the action that it will take in order for Philip Morris to hear you is to write a check. And to write a check that is significant.” The jury’s verdict showed that it was listening and that the tobacco companies had to be held accountable.
The case is Jordan v. Philip Morris Tobacco Co., case number 16-2008-CA-000394, in the Fourth Judicial Circuit Court of the State of Florida.

SSJW NEWS: SSJW was recognized by Atlanta Attorney At Law Magazine in its “Attorneys to Watch 2015” issue as the New Firm of the Month.  Read it here.

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SSJW NEWS: Read the account of SSJW partner Jennifer Auer Jordan’s trial against a dental practice where a teenage girl was sexually assaulted. The article was featured in the Spring 2015 issue of the Verdict Magazine.

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SSJW NEWS: SSJW Partners Laurie Speed and Natalie Woodward along with Associate Wayne Cartwright wrote an article about how The Hidden Predator Act will impact victims’ rights in Georgia that was featured in the Verdict Magazine.

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GTLA 2015: SSJW Partner Natalie Woodward to lead GTLA 2015 Annual Convention. SSJW partners Laurie Speed and Jennifer Auer Jordan will also speak during the New Plaintiffs Lawyers track on April 30, 2015.

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$190,000.00 Jury Verdict: On March 12, 2015, SSJW Partner Natalie Woodward obtained a $190,000 jury verdict for the false arrest of her client in the Northern District of Georgia in front of the Honorable Orinda Evans. Our client was falsely arrested when officers from the Fulton County Sheriff’s Department, executing a warrant for her brother, arrested the client for felony obstruction for failing to open the door to her brother’s apartment.  This was a hard fought case where the jury awarded over three times the compensatory amount for punitive damages (Warren vs. Kirk Markham et al.).

SSJW NEWS: Great article on SSJW in the Fulton County Daily Report.

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SSJW NEWS: Proud to announce that all four SSJW partners have been recognized as Super Lawyers!

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