Dangerous Products

A consumer should be able to count on the fact that a product has been designed and built safely or that a medication or a medical product has been tested and proven to be safe. Manufacturers, retailers, and designers all have a responsibility to make sure their products are safe and ready for use by consumers.

The fact is that this is not always the case and people are hurt everyday because a company did not take its responsibility seriously and put profits over people. Dangerous products should not be on the market, and companies that profit from them should be held accountable for any harm that comes from their use.

Dangerous and defective products cases can be incredibly complex and require attorneys who not only know the law but also are experienced and have the resources to fight large corporations with deep pockets. We have the knowledge, experience and resources to fight for you. If you think that you have been injured because of a dangerous or defective product, contact us and we will evaluate your claim. It won’t cost anything to see if we can help you.